Clean, simple, fresh ingredients.


When G2G Bar opened the doors in 2010, they were one of the very first refrigerated protein bar companies in the industry. At that time, consumers were used to finding protein bars packed with preservatives and sitting on grocery store shelves. The idea of a fresh REFRIGERATED protein bar was foreign to everyone. In an attempt to encourage new customers to try the bars, they created the motto: "When you eat one, you'll know."

Although a decade has passed since they started the company, a few things will never change. G2G promises to leave out preservatives and artificial ingredients. Pack every bar with clean, simple, fresh ingredients. They produce every bar in their own facility in small batches, so we can control the quality. And... most importantly, make them taste great (or why bother right?!).


18g of Protein - Finding it hard to get enough protein in your diet? Each G2G Bar has 18 grams of muscle building, fat burning, metabolism boosting protein!

Gluten-Free - Sensitive or allergic to gluten? We’ve got you covered because every G2G Bar is gluten-free.

Refrigerated - Preservatives and other artificial ingredients can have a negative impact on our overall health. Since G2G Bars will never contain these things, they're not meant to be stored on a shelf. G2G Bars were built for the fridge instead.

If you're new to G2G Bar, give them a try. When you eat one, you'll know!